Tall T’s mission is to bring unique and artistic flavors together into styles for tomorrow. Not buying into the corporate world, we strive to stay underground supplying the people out there like us. Our designs reflect our culture, shredding, art, urban class, nature, music, n chillin. We want our ideas to create a positive movement, starting trends for tomorrow with the styles of today. Making Tall T into a successful business that always strives to stay on top. Live and Love Life.


Tall T is one big family of friends. We’ve all been working and living in Breckenridge for the past seven years. Over that time, we have come to realize that reaching our goals, is not by a single person forging ahead, but instead by the support and following of the family.

The dream began as we started to make a few tee’s for the crew. Just a dozen or two that shortly turned into a hundred or two; with all the hype behind the first couple designs, we decided to move forward and drop our first season. One season turned into two which lead into three and here we are today with the fourth. Our goal is to continue to bring designs and ideas to the table that carry a simple concept: Musically Inspired, Artistically Driven. Keeping us at the forefront of next level styles for the best crew of supporters in the world. Our mission moving forward is simple, take care of the family and the family will take care of you.

Thank you all for the love and support!