Midasu – Part One: Machi

A little over a year ago John Ware, Luke Tanaka and Karl Fostvedt went to Japan to ski. The trip was plagued with problems, and ended with a corrupted hard drive.

This season, Karl returned to Japan and came home with a backup drive that was forgotten there the year before.

This is episode one of three to be released for free online in the coming weeks. “Episode One: Machi” chronicles the first days of the trip, skiing urban in and around Kitahiroshima.

Skiing by John Ware and Karl Fostvedt. Filmed by Mike McLeod. Edited by Mike McLeod, AJ Dakoulas and John Ware.

Music: Dillon Copper – “Kung Foo”


A day in the life of LSM

Follow LSM as he shreds some known local spots in the southern suburbs of Stockholm.

Presented by Electric California
Produced by The BUNCH
Film&Edit by Liam McKinley
DVfootage by Gustav Cavallin
Music: “Changhi” by Garret Fitz

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B&W 2012

Directed by Marco Gilbert

Here’s a recap of Marco’s  last season filming for WFP & Inspired Media. Thanks to everybody who gave me the chance to shoot with tha illest in tha game.

Check out B Dog & E Dollo in ‘The Education Of Style’ available at inspiredmedia.tv and the ‘Irie Indians Show’ on Inspired TV

Charles Gagné
Phil Casabon
Henrik Harlaut
Émile Bergeron
Antoine Bourassa

Ryan Leslie – Fast life (instrumental)
Clams Casino – Leaf