LSM wins Superunknown IX

LSM wins Superunknown IX

Lucas Stal-Madison

Words from Level 1

Alright- we know what you’re saying- how the #@%$ did someone who wasn’t even a finalist walk away with the win? Well, first off, Lucas should have been a finalist, but somewhere during the process of selecting a dozen of the top vids from nearly 100 entries some signals got crossed and Lucas got the short end of the stick. Once his vid went live, it was pretty much the unanimous top choice of all the athletes in our crew, and with this year’s contest being such a tough one to judge we offered up our input and handed this one over to our riders to make the final call.

There’s no doubt that this year’s field was the most talented to date and any one of the Finalists could have easily walked away with the win- Dom Laporte arguably has the most impressive urban shots this contest has seen; Mikkel Jøraandstad has the deepest bag of tricks and some of the smoothest jumping style out there; Torvinen, Boville, and Doan crush everything with super unique style, and Emile Bergeron and Alex Beaulieu are well on their way to becoming the next big QC exports; and we could go on…

“You could put together a crew from this year’s entries and probably make a movie that rivals any pro flick out there- the level of talent was insane,” said Level 1′s Josh Berman. “A few years ago we’d be able to narrow the field down to the top 2 or 3 entries, but these days its almost impossible to say that one Finalist is more deserving than the others. Every one of them will undoubtedly be destroying edits and vid segments over the next few years, landing on top of podiums, and otherwise making names for themselves on a global scale.”

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